Investigating A Truck Wreck

Truck collisions are among the most devastating and destructive tragedies that occur on our roads and highways. The sheer size of most commercial trucks — as compared to the size of most consumer vehicles — makes them a deadly weapon when they are ill-maintained, improperly loaded or driven by a negligent trucker.

Determining the cause of a truck wreck is a complicated undertaking — the impact of the collision often leaves debris and evidence scattered in every direction and for hundreds of yards. Police will be on the scene almost immediately — as will investigators working on behalf of the trucking company, the trucker and their insurance companies. Their quick response isn't intended to neutrally investigate the wreck — instead, it is designed to mitigate their damages, direct the narrative and establish their defense.

Advocates Who Investigate On Your Behalf

To protect your interests after a truck collision, it is imperative you also have investigators working on your behalf at the scene — to respond just as quickly as the opposition. You need someone there to investigate and conduct on-scene interviews on your behalf, to quickly retrieve this information and record it for future use.

At Malone Law, we are a well-respected truck wreck law firm with over 50 years of experience. Our attorneys and investigators have the resources, contacts and specialized knowledge that is needed to quickly respond to and investigate complicated truck collision cases. You can rely on our legal team immediately after a collision to protect your interests from the start.

Evidence, Black Boxes And Depositions

The nature of the evidence collected at the scene — and the testimony provided by those at the scene, including the truck driver, police investigators and third-party witnesses — will play a great role in determining whether your case will be successful. With Malone Law on your side, we can send investigators to the scene to gather evidence and start building your claim.

By acting quickly in gathering evidence, our team of lawyers and truck collision specialists can:

  • Take contemporaneous photos of the scene that show the road conditions, weather, relationship of vehicles to one another, topography of the area and relevant signage
  • Photograph the wreckage, debris and destruction caused by the collision
  • Obtain witness statements from those who saw or were involved in the incident
  • Measure skid marks and conduct a preliminary accident reconstruction analysis
  • Document the demeanor and actions of the truck driver
  • Observe the scene for intangibles that would not be apparent at a later date
  • Dig into truck company records, analyze comparative road tests and conduct additional investigation to determine the cause of the accident

We can also gain access to the truck's black box — an event data recorder — which tracks and records information about the operation of the truck. This information can help us piece together what happened and prepare a strong case on your behalf.

Truck wreck investigations should not be left solely to those who caused the wreck. You need a team on your side — a team with a tradition of excellence — who is experienced in truck wreck cases and knows how to get results for their clients.

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