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January 2018 Archives

No appeal pending for injured patient awarded $26 million

Some stories seem so terrible that it can't possibly have happened in real life. The sad truth is that these "stories" are, sometimes, real events. One such instance of medical malpractice happened at a Georgia hospital, for which the injured patient has been awarded a $26M medical malpractice settlement.

What is the leading cause of airplane crashes?

Air travel tends to make even the most seasoned traveler a little nervous. Maybe it's the aspect of losing personal control, the tight, generally crowded space or the thought of being over 30,000 feet up in the air. Airplane crashes are relatively rare, but they do happen and it injures or kills people every year. It may take a considerable amount of time to determine the cause of an airplane crash, but one cause leads the way when it comes to reasons airplanes crash. That reason is pilot error.

Compensation after you are injured by a defective product

With technology expanding and infiltrating the lives of the average Atlanta resident every single day, it's amazing to think of the impact. Technology allows for better and more useful products to be used by the average person every single day. While most of these products are well-researched and tested, occasionally a dangerous product slips through and it can cause serious injury to those who come into contact with it. Whether due to an inherently dangerous design, a manufacturing mistake or some other products liability issue, injury can result.

Investigation ongoing in truck accident that injured 5

Every time we get behind the wheel, we rarely think of the dangers that wait on the road. Gladly, most people never know the tragedy that can occur if a passenger vehicle is involved in a collision with a large truck, like a commercial truck or eighteen wheeler. Recently, a passenger van was traveling on Atlanta's Tacoma Drive when it was involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer. The driver and 4 passengers have been reported as seriously injured to the point of critical condition although their current health condition is unknown.

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