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Compensation after you are injured by a defective product

With technology expanding and infiltrating the lives of the average Atlanta resident every single day, it's amazing to think of the impact. Technology allows for better and more useful products to be used by the average person every single day. While most of these products are well-researched and tested, occasionally a dangerous product slips through and it can cause serious injury to those who come into contact with it. Whether due to an inherently dangerous design, a manufacturing mistake or some other products liability issue, injury can result.

These injuries can often be very serious, as they are unexpected by the people who use the product. Maybe a wheel bearing collapses in a new car at 50 miles per hour. Or a hair dryer short circuits on the user, causing electrical injury. Beyond that, medical equipment can and has been a cause of serious injury or death, like when a defect in the design of the equipment ends up getting people sick.

At the Malone Law Office, we take these instances of products liability injury very seriously. The manufacturer of said product is often considered negligent, as may be the company that utilized the piece of defective equipment. For example, if a surgical machine's design was unable to be thoroughly cleaned, this could cause infection for the patient. Both the medical device manufacturer, and often the hospital, can be held accountable by means of a personal injury lawsuit.

Technology can get us far, but it can also cause trouble. These new products and designs can be genius and they can be catastrophic. With new products on the market and available for consumers every single day, we couldn't possibly know which are dangerous and which are safe. For those who suffer injury, consider how a products liability claim can get the results you need.

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