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Was a medically induced injury avoidable or negligent?

Sometimes the quality of medical care that Atlanta residents receive is not up to professional standards, and causes further injury. How do you know if medical negligence caused injury to you or a loved one?

The first indication is that a person suffers an injury or an illness after a medical interaction. Oftentimes this injury or illness can vary greatly from the actual illness or injury you or a loved one were treated for. However, medical diagnoses and second opinions can help to determine negligence may have occurred with a person's medical care. Not all instances of ineffective medical care are negligent, however. Negligence only exists if a medical facility or professional who owed a duty of care to that patient made an error that others of similar stature wouldn't have made, and it caused injury.

Medical malpractice injury can manifest in many different ways. Be it a misdiagnosis, where a patient is diagnosed with a different ailment than they actually suffer from. Or a botched surgical operation, where a tool is left inside the patient. And medication errors, where a doctor fails to take into consideration the known medications a patient is taking and then prescribes one that has terrible side effects.

While there isn't always a quick way to know if a medical injury is due to negligence, there are ways to find out. Checking over medical records and getting assessed by a new physician can help to answer these questions. Primarily, the number one priority should be a person's health. Getting better is followed by seeking compensation for the injury one has suffered due to medical malpractice.

Source:, "Proving Fault in Medical Malpractice Cases," Accessed January 8, 2018

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