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February 2018 Archives

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit after fatal accident

It's every person's worst nightmare: receiving the unexpected news that your beloved family member or friend has been killed in a fatal accident. Losing someone you care about suddenly is always hard. Not all sudden deaths are due to others' negligence, but look closely at the circumstances surrounding a loved one's death. There may be more than immediately meets the eye.

Common birth injury questions

If your child was born with a birth injury, you will likely have an infinite number of questions while you try to determine the best way to help your child cope with his or her situation. You may also have serious questions about how you're going to pay for costly treatments associated with your child's birth injuries.

Seeking damages after a truck accident injury

The affects of a motor vehicle accident can be felt over a long period of time, affecting the injured and their family members in ways they might not have expected. This tends to be true especially for truck accidents, simply because the size and weight of commercial trucks means that injuries in truck accidents are often extremely serious.

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