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Common birth injury questions

If your child was born with a birth injury, you will likely have an infinite number of questions while you try to determine the best way to help your child cope with his or her situation. You may also have serious questions about how you're going to pay for costly treatments associated with your child's birth injuries.

No appeal pending for injured patient awarded $26 million

Some stories seem so terrible that it can't possibly have happened in real life. The sad truth is that these "stories" are, sometimes, real events. One such instance of medical malpractice happened at a Georgia hospital, for which the injured patient has been awarded a $26M medical malpractice settlement.

Medical malpractice victims must prove their case

There are so many people across this country that suffer every year because a doctor failed to diagnose their condition, or because a pharmacist gave them the wrong prescription, or because a surgeon botched a typical procedure. That list could go on and on -- but the main point is that medical malpractice can deal devastating or even fatal injuries to an innocent person who is simply seeking medical treatment. When a medical professional's care dips below the accepted standard, then questions must be raised and the victims (or their loved ones) must seek justice.

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